About CS

Cybernetic System, founded by Alienjedna in 2003, has been operating as a group since 2007. Through gradual development it found its goal in the creation of unusual props and accessories that enhance and intensify experiences at both festivals and social events. New situations, leading to innovating and original solutions, emerge thanks to a fusion of experiences from different fields of technology.

Our expertise is in:

  • Music Installations
  • Live Videoprojection
  • UV Bodypainting
  • Photography

We bring the visitors in the action of our multimedial interactive installations where they alone can affect the sound, light and visual outputs by operating with various controllers as well as with cameras, microphones and other sensors.

We prepare video projection is a light complement enhancing the interactive installation. Or it can stand on its own as a light show for a given specific purpose. We create the video from the first draft to final product.

We make bodypainting with special color, we make the UV bodypainting. This color, which glows in the dark, offers a remarkable experience. Contrary to regular bodypainting this one we make it with airbrush, a technique based on applying color in an airstream which enables us to accomplish high-quality results.

We are also able to compose a fire show and UV performance on demand. The performance can also be supplemented with other props, light and smoke effects.

We believe the intensity of an extraordinary experience does not come from connecting the proper equipment, but from original, customized solutions perfectly fitted into the overall concept. All this would be useless without our willingness to innovate and devise improvements or new techniques, how to touch unreal.

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