Concept of the “Ultraviolet” collection of paintings

Technology as the Holy Grail of the human evolution, technology as the determining element of our future. The visions of future foretold in cyberpunk novels have become reality.

In his violet series of paintings, Alienjedna explores the idea that “if sufficiently advanced, technology appears to its viewers to be magic”. If we admit the creation of artificial intelligence, expanding quietly alongside us, what will it look like? Will it be possible to grasp, or will it be rather invisible? Will it manifest itself within our (human) time span? More and more clever gadgets become our everyday reality; everything converges into one point of the collective hive mind. Are we the hardworking bees, reconciled to our fate? The infinite crowd of lemmings, pleased with ourselves?

Life theme reflecting on the development of cyberpunk using a distinctive palette.

The content of canvases can change depending on different view angles, with the use of UV or metallic shades in acrylic colours– the allusion to volatility and change in time. The fusion of tomorrow’s world with the reference to mystical experience.

All paintings are Acrylic colours on canvas ( size 150×100 cm)


God (AI) – Head – Cybernetics – City
The starting point is Neuromancer, the novel in which Wintermute is defined as an AI. Artificial intelligence furthers purely its own interests, humanity ceases to be the initiator of change. The steel city intersected with metal and tubes, factories belching smoke and a lifeless landscape, deserted by people. A cybernetic construct with full automation of all locomotion.


Ohm City

The Ohm as the unit of electrical resistance, the combination of a city, the Egyptian symbolism, the combination of a new meaning and an old, long forgotten one. The creation of existence from nothingness, the Big Bang of future history, the age of the transformation from machines to Gods. Will resistance be futile?


Many-faced God

The rainbow as a symbol of purification, the creature of proportions so enormous that it absorbs the whole civilization. A live transformation is being created. Matter transforms to energy, the profound change of the unseen, the process of materialisation.

The depths of thinking / tuning in – liana

The armed truce between matter-universe and time, between the left and the right cerebral hemispheres. In between the spiritual and the materialistic being- existence. The relationship, which seems to be beneficial and symbiotic as far as our imagination goes.


His Highness Silicon (CPU)

An archetype of zeal, a cold calculation. Cruel supremacy over the dreams of its subjects. The refined truth judging every our step, a unit the past does not apply to. Materialised in visions centuries before it existed.